House Sitters 4 Africa which was started in 2006, operates nationally and provides pet sitters or house sitters to look after your pets and home while you are away. We will play with your pets, feed them, care for them, take them to the vet if they fall ill and walk your dogs. We can also water the garden as well as indoor and out door pot plants, feed your fish, do basic pool maintenance, empty your mail box and let domestic workers in and out. Both live-in and visit services offered.

Sheli Berger started house sitting herself in 2003. When you hire a house or pet sitter through House Sitters 4 Africa you will be getting the collective experience of more than 10 years of service. We continually strive to better our service offering putting you and your home and pets first. Thank you for this privilege of allowing us in your home.

Sheli is very pedantic about the kind of sitters she brings onto her team. It’s pet lovers only! Sheli hires sitters that loves pets as much as she loves them and cares for them in the same way that she does. Bonnie is a mini dachshund with very short legs and Sheli had to build all sorts of contraptions to help her be able to get up and down stairs. Bonnie and Ferdi love to go in the car! Sheli is neurotic about their safety and has come up with some clever tips to keep them safe while driving at night! Did you know that carrots are great to keep your pet’s teeth clean? Watch the video of Bonnie and Ferdi munching and crunching their way to good teeth health! And then the cherry on the top: Bonnie has become notorious for her ability to open the fridge!