About Sheli Berger

Sheli Berger, the founder of Au Pairs & House Sitters for Africa, completed a Bachelor of Science in Physiology at the University of Cape Town in 1999. After gaining some experience in the work place in marketing She went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at Wits Business School in 2004. In 2014 she completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing at The Brand School.

During her career she has worked on projects which have made a difference both personally and socio-economically.. While working as a project manager in the arena of Corporate Social Investment, her project was given recognition on SABC 2, Kaelo the Miracle Stories. The series focused on South Africa’s Corporates who made a difference to thousand of lives around the country. After she left the corporate world she then went on to set up her company Au Pairs & House Sitters 4 Africa which operates nationally.

She brings her knowledge of business and experience in the corporate sector to your homes in the pursuit of excellence in all she does.. I have grown up with pets my whole life. As a child we had a tortoise named Tommy (my Dad rescued him one morning when he found him on the road being attacked by dogs while on his morning run), budgies named Pepie and Tweetie, lots of goldfish, a Collie dog names Lassie, a Maltese named Buttons and a Toy Pomeranian named Muffy.

As a family we always treated animals with great compassion. From rescuing birds that fell out of trees in the garden to a beautiful Whippet Labrador mix that my parents found on holiday in Knysna one December when I was still in High School. She was abandoned in Knysna and would come to the house my parents were staying in every day. She was very emaciated; full of ticks and in bad condition. When my parents tell her story they always say she was very polite and never begged for food; she just stood there watching them. My Mom made her a scrambled egg, which she lapped up with one lick of her tongue. She visited my parents every day because she knew they would feed her.

My Mom gave her to one of the cleaning staff when their holiday ended. My Mom was due to go overseas to visit a sick relative, but she had a funny feeling and called the young girl who she gave the dog to. The girl told her that her mother wouldn’t allow her to keep the dog and she sent her to the SPCA. My Mom called the SPCA immediately and explained she would only be back in a month’s time and if someone wanted her they should take her, but if she was still there in a month’s time, my Mom would send for her. Sure enough she was still there a month later. They put her in a box on a plane and sent her to us.

We called her Belvidere, after Belvidere Estate in Knysna where we found her. She lived happily with us for 13 years and was a companion to Muffy and Buttons. When Muffy and Buttons died (at a ripe old age of 16) we went to the SPCA and brought home a lovely little Dachshund puppy who we named Ferdi. Ferdi was found with 2 siblings and his Mother on the side of the highway. Thank goodness for the SPCA that rescues and re-homes these animals. Belvidere and Ferdi were great companions until Belvidere passed away leaving Ferdi alone.

Ferdi was terribly lonely and my Mom heard of a 5 year old miniature dachshund that was looking for a home. She had been given away twice and was very traumatized when she got given away yet again to my Mom for a 3rd time. She’s called Bonnie. Bonnie and Ferdi now live with me are are 11 and 12 years old. They are great companions to each other and the best companions that I could ever ask for. They sit with me in my office all day and have a great charmed life! I put an album up of their pictures on Facebook for you to see www.facebook.com/housesitters4africa.

I have been blessed to have had such wonderful pets in my life and they have made me who I am today!